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Residential Built-to-Ship Structure

This project was one of the highlights of the 2009 Earth Day Festival in Santa Barbara, CA.  The house was designed to demonstrate sustainable design as well as fire-resistant design principles.  Out of all the structural features, the most unique aspect of this project was that the house was designed to be “built-to-ship;” it was designed and built in two halves so each half could be built at the Festival site and transported to it's final destination site just like a manufactured home (except that this design utilizes common building materials, just like a site built house).  D&Z donated all of the structural design services for the project, and after being on display at the 2009 Earth Day Festival in Santa Barbara for two days, the house was craned onto two flat bed trucks, driven through Santa Barbara up into the hills, and was permanently set up on a site built foundation system.  The home was donated to a local family that lost their home during the Tea Fire.

A couple months after completion of the project, we were asked to provide some additional design services to the new home owner for a new bedroom addition to the house.

GDH photo 1 GDH photo 2 GDH photo 3
Two halves of house being temporarily placed for Earth Day Festival
Half of house being craned into place for Earth Day Festival.
First half of house being placed for Earth Day Festival.
GDH photo 4 GDH photo 5
One half of house on the flat bed truck.
One half of house being loaded back onto the flat bed for the trip to its permanent location.
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