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Timber Structure

Front Framing View Side Elevation Cantilevered Bedroom Window
Framing elevation from the front of the house, nearing final framing.
Side elevation view showing some outside living space and custom roof framing.
A view of the cantilevered bedroom window.
Rear Elevation Rear Elevation Cantilevered Deck Rear Elevation Great Room Windows
A rear elevation view showing some structural framing elements for decks and shear elements
A rear elevation view showing the cantilever deck framing over the covered patio
A rear elevation view showing the great room window/roof framing over the cantilevered deck
Great Room Interior Exterior Decorative Truss Rear Elevation Concrete Stairs
An interior framing view of the great room/house entrance
A view of the exterior decorative truss
A rear elevation showing concrete stairs and outdoor patio/deck area's
Rear View of Garage Retaining Wall Daylight Basement Formed Up 1 Daylight Basement Formed Up 2
An elevation of the garage retaining wall
A view of the daylight basement formed up retaining wall with some footings already poured
Another view of the daylight basement retaining wall forms
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