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Residential Fire Rebuild

This project is a rebuild of a portion of a multi-level house damaged by fire in Santa Barbara.  The part being rebuilt is roughly 1,300 sqft and is built on the existing foundation and pony wall that have survived the fire.  One of the most unique features of this project is a green roof - a roof covered with soil and vegetation.  The structure had to be designed to carry the weight of the soil, which is considerably heavier than typical roofing materials such as composition and tile, as well as to resist earthquakes.  Because this added weight on the roof would intensify earthquake loads, it was critical to provide additional lateral support.  As a result this house became a very “stiff” structure, on top of having a unique design with a green roof.

Before construction Framing 1 Framing 2
Rebuild is to occur over the framing/foundation shown
Large opening with steel header
Framing seen from the inside
Framing 3 Roof Framing completed
One corner of roof is supported by cantilevered steel header
Rooftop is to be covered with soil
Large roof overhang creates nice shade and maximizes rooftop area
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