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New Residential Construction

This project is a 2300+ square foot, two-story, timber framed structure designed by a Santa Barbara architect.  In addition to the main house, this project also includes a detached garage and a below-grade basement located below a water proof deck.  This project was designed using Revit, a 3D modeling/drafting program that allows us to quickly and accurately see how all of the elements of the structure interact with each other, and even allows us to see how the structure itself sits on the topography of the lot.  3D modeling also provides us with the ability to show the architect and the homeowner the final design as it will really appear when it is built and how the grading of the lot will interact with the structure.


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3D view 1 3D view 2 3D view 3
3D view of framing design
3D view of framing design with detached garage shown on the left
Finished architectural model showing lot topography - Architectural model and topography by Thompson Naylor Architects, Inc.
Framing 1 Framing 2 Framing 3
Framing 4 Framing 5 Framing 6
Framing 7 Framing 8 Framing 9
Framing 10 Framing 11 Framing 12
Framing 13 Framing 14 Framing 15
Framing  16
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Custom CGI by Element58, LLC