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New Residential Construction

This project is a 5,000+ square foot, two-story timber framed structure which we here at D&Z helped the client alter a residential design to their liking. This project has a large outdoor patio area with an attached garage. The family room features vaulted ceilings with exposed custom built timber trusses. The kitchen area features a tower built upon the roofing which will allow for natural light to penetrate the open floor plan.

D&Z created a 3D model using Autodesk Revit, a 3D building information modeling (BIM) program, as a visual aid for the client as well as to make sure that the roof planes would interact with each other properly to provide adequate drainage.  The model created in the beginning of the design phase was a plain shell of the house without any windows placed nor materials applied.  After the design was completed and construction started, additional work was done to the 3D model: the client wanted to see various siding materials applied to the model to decide what type of siding to use on which wall.  The 3D model helped us make important design decisions throughout the design and construction process.     


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Revit model - original Revit model - revised (front/back) Revit model - revised (closeup)
3D model of "shell" of the house without windows
Front and back views of 3D model with siding
Close-up view of 3D model with siding
Front view - 3-30-12 Rear view - 3-30-12 Heavy timber truss 3-30-12
Front view of house during framing stage
Rear view of house during framing stage
Custom heavy timber trusses are used throughout the house
Custom connection 3-30-12 Turret construction 5-4-12 Turret inside 11-20-12
Custom-modified column cap supporting two exposed heavy timber beams
Heavy timber truss roof is being placed over turret
Inside of turret. Sun-shaped metal plate was designed by homeowner
Rear view 11-20-12 Front view 11-20-12 Front view (closeup) 11-20-12
Large covered porch and turret
Front view of house before siding is installed
Close-up view of front of house. Custom eavy timber trusses are used here along with exposed heavy timber columns
Master bdrm interior 11-20-12 rustic stone hearth Front view 1/10/14
Oversized skylight lets in ample amount of natural light
rustic stone hearth
Front view 1/10/14
Rear view 1/10/14 East face 1/10/14 Welcome mat 1/10/14
Rear view 1/10/14
East face 1/10/14
Welcome mat 1/10/14
Rear Doors 4/24/14 Front Door 4/24/14 Welcome mat 4/24/14
Rear Doors 4/24/14
Entry way columns with the large custom built front door behind.
Welcome mat 4/24/14
Front Door 4/24/14 Patio Columns 4/24/14 Turet & Back door 4/24/14
Custom built front door.
A close up of the stone work on the patio columns to show the decorative pattern.
This is a view from the backyard looking at the large glass back doors, and the turret above.
Garage 4/24/14 Stone work 4/24/14
Garage 4/24/14
Stone work 4/24/14
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