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Residential Fire Rebuild

This is an example of fire rebuild project in Santa Barbara, CA consisting of a 2,500 sq.ft. single story residence with a 530 sq.ft. garage connected to the residence via an open breezeway.  The structure has flat roof throughout with over 3 feet of roof overhang creating a nice shade around the house.  This large overhang is supported by a number of roof beams, including a steel beam over the garage.  One of the biggest challenges in designing this structure was to extablish load paths for the lateral loads (wind and earthquake forces) through roof places of various heights by designing the load transfer system at all height transitions.  We have analized each transition points and provided a custom detail drawing for each unique condition.

trench grade bm radiant tubing
Deep footing is required due to existing site conditions
Reinforcement for concrete gread beam
Slab rebars and tubing for radiant floor heat
exterior punched shearwall corner window
One wing of house with flat roof and parapet
Perforated shearwall with metal straps
Corner window with shearwalls on each side
steel bm interior framing roof overhang
Steel beam supporting roof framing
Interior framing showing roof/ceiling height change
Large roof overhang creating nice shade
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Custom CGI by Element58, LLC