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New Residential Construction

Design of 2,700 sq-ft shipping container & ICF structure


Photos courtesy of Cottonwood Meadow

Foundation trench Foundation poured Container delivered
Foundation trenches for shipping containers
Concrete foundation has been poured
This shipping container will be placed over the adjacent concrete foundation
Containers in place Container doors removed Container interior
All 4 containers have been placed
Container doors are being removed
Inside of containers
Radiant tubing Container floor ICF blocks
Radiant tubing is used in the container floor
Light weight concrete floor in the containers
ICF blocks are being placed
ICF blocks - upper level ICF blocks - complete Roof framing from inside
More ICF blocks
Concrete has been poured in the ICF blocks
Roof framing over ICF walls from inside
Roof framing over containers Exterior
Roof is being framed over the containers
Exterior view of the house
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