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Residential Bridge

This project is an example of one of our bridge designs.  We provided the complete design with the support of a biologist and a soils engineer to remove an existing failing wooden bridge and install new concrete abutments that support a longer-spanning concrete bridge deck.  D&Z was the design lead in charge and also responsible for permit processing through multiple state agencies including the Regional Water Quality Control Board, the California Department of Fish and Game, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as well as the county building department. 

D&Z has experience providing the complete design package for other bridge projects as well as working solely as the structural consultant on bridge projects.  Please contact us with any of you bridge repair/construction needs as we can go over the process of design and the more involved process of permitting the project over a waterway.

Existing bridge Bridge construction 1 Bridge construction 2
Existing structurally deficient bridge to be removed
Construction of concrete abutment at either end of new bridge
New bridge is to span between new concrete abutments
Bridge complete Bridge complete 2 Bridge complete 3
Concrete deck has been poured
Alternate view of the new bridge
New bridge after a big storm
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