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Residential Built-to-Ship Structure

This project is a 900 sq. ft., built-to-ship home that D&Z donated design services for after hurricane Katrina.  The house was built by a construction company in Santa Barbara, CA in 8' segments.  The structure was then broken down into the separate segments, loaded onto a truck and shipped to Biloxi, Mississippi where it was reassembled on a site-built foundation system and donated to a family who had lost their home to Katrina.  While the Katrina House is a relatively small structure, the necessity to design it to resist 150 mph wind gusts, and to meet the requirements of a building code not yet adopted by the state of California made for an interesting project.  Unsure how a design from California engineers who have never experienced a hurricane would be received by the local building authorities, we were pleased to hear that the local building inspector on the project was impressed by our solutions for anchoring the roof framing down to the structure, and for anchoring the house itself to the foundation system.

Katrina House 1 Katrina House 2 Katrina House 1 COPY
Biloxi neighborhood after Katrina, before new house was delivered.
House in place on foundation system, debris from Katrina still surrounds the site.
House temporarily constructed in Santa Barbara, CA. While temporarily set up in this park, several local residents donated their time to help finish off the house.
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