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Aerometals Building II

This project is a revision to the previously proposed conceptual design of addition to an existing manufacturing building in the El Dorado Hills Business Park for a company that we have done many projects for in the past.  Due to the area limitations of the existing site, the company has decided to aquire a vacant lot adjacent to the existing site and build a new building to serve as additional manufacturing and storage facility, which has allowed 82,000 sq-ft of additional space instead of 38,000 sq-ft from the previous addition design.

As the main design objective was to maximize the usable building floor area, a simple rectangular footprint was used for the design with an L-shaped parking lot.  In addition, our client requested two things to be incorporated into the building design:  a truck loading dock with an approach ramp for large semi trucks and site grading to lower the finished grade of the new lot to match the grade of the existing site to allow forklift access between the new and existing buildings.

It was a challenging task to incorporate all design features the client requested while complying with all county requirements, including providing sufficient off-street parking for employees and visitors while the site coverge is maximized as well as adequate on-site stormwater drainage design after lowering the finished grade of the entire lot by approximately 6 feet (over 30,000 yards of cut) and covering most of the lot with impervious surfaces.  For this project D&Z provided the full package - architectural, civil, and structural design as well as coordination with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing consultants - and was successful in getting through the design phase and the permit process.


This project was designed using Autodesk Revit, a 3D building information modeling (BIM) program.

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Project currently in construction, check back soon for more photos!

Birdseye (existing) Birdseye (proposed) 3D Street
Birds eye view of pre-developed lot with existing building on adjacent lot
Birds eye view of new building with existing building on adjacent lot
3D rendering of new building, viewed from street
3D Front Birdseye (proposed 2) Birdseye (proposed 3)
3D rendering of front entrance of building
Birds eye view of new building
Birds eye view of new building showing loading dock with ramp
Sequence 1 Sequence 2 Sequence 3
3D rendering of new building, viewed from street
Site grading in progress. Rockery retaining wall along rear side of building can be seen in front of neighboring buildings
Site grading completed. Trench on right is for storm drain pipe
Sequence 4 Sequence 5
Foundation trenches and rebar placement completed
Pouring of floor slab, which started at 2 am (!) so concrete trucks would not get stuck in traffic
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