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Loaves & Fishes

This is a new warehouse building for Loaves & Fishes in Sacramento consisting of 10,000 sqft of warehouse and 2,100 sqft of office space.  The warehouse is a prefabricated metal building for which we provided the foundation design.  The metal building is to be built on an elevated concrete slab with a loading dock where steel columns in the metal building are supported by concrete columns under the elevated slab.  The office portion of the structure is a timber framed building connected to the warehouse building.  Even though the office space is connected to the warehouse, the office building has been designed to be freestanding; in other words the office building is designed to support its own weight as well as to resist lateral (wind and seismic) loads on its own.

Exterior 1 Exterior 2 Exterior 3
Exterior view of new warehouse
Exterior view of new loading dock
Another exterior view of new loading dock
Exterior 4 Interior 1 Exterior 5
Exterior view of new warehouse
Interior view of new warehouse
Exterior view of new office
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