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Aerometals Addition (Conceptual Design)

This project is an addition to an existing manufacturing facility located in the El Dorado Hills Business Park.  To accommodate the expanding business, the business owner was interested in a major addition to the existing production facility.  There is an existing ground-based helipad on the property for the hilicopters the company owns, which has to remain and be incorporated into the design of new addition.

Because of all the design constraints such as limiting the lot coverage by buildings per the Business Park design guidelines, providing additional off-street parking to service the increased number of employees and visitors, and finding a new location for the existing helipad, designing the addition to accommodate all of the client's needs was a challenge.  The solution D&Z proposed was a design incorporating a rooftop helipad.

Rooftop helipad was the most prominent of all features of the proposed design.  To free up the precious ground space for both the building addition and parking, moving the helipad to the rooftop location was a natural solution.  The new rooftop helipad was to utilize a lift mechanism so that the helicopter stored in the aircraft hangar located directly under the helipad could be lifted up through an opening in the roof to the takeoff/landing position above the roof level.  Opening in the roof was to be covered with a movable cover which slides laterally to uncover the roof opening when the helipad is in use.

Another unique feature of the proposed design was the solar shade structure over the new parking area.  Approximately 33,000 sq-ft of the new parking lot was to be covered by the freestanding solar shade structure.  Based on our preliminary study, the solar panels used in the proposed design were expected to produce 10% to 15% more power per year compared to the actual power usage by the existing 73,000 sq-ft production facility.

This project was designed using Autodesk Revit, a 3D building information modeling (BIM) program.

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Birdseye (existing) Birdseye (proposed) Exterior - street view
Birds eye view of existing building
Birds eye view of proposed addition
Proposed building addition and solar shade in parking lot viewed from street
Exterior - solar shade Exterior - tower Interior - tower
Solar shade structure in parking lot equipped with EV charging stations
Exterior view of glass tower
Solar shade structure over parking lot viewed from inside of glass tower
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